Meet the people behind the project

The Virt-EU consortium is coordinated by IT University of Copenhagen's Irina Skhlovski and consists of 5 more partners: London School of Economics, Uppsala University, Politecnico di Torino, Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design and Open Rights Group. The consortium leverages the expertise of leading research institutions and a civil society organization working together to develop an ethical framework to be deployed by IoT developers and designers.


ITU is the coordinating partner in this consortium. Due to its interdisciplinary nature ITU will act as a connection between the quantitative, qualitative and design parts of the research. ITU will provide intellectual leadership through experienced researchers, research managers, and research coordinators and a support staff experienced with EU projects.

Irina Shklovski
Project Coordinator
Luca Rossi
Associate Professor
Jonas Langeland Pedersen
Research Consultant
Obaida Hanteer
PHD Candidate
Ester Fritsch
PHD Candidate
Rachel Douglas-Jones
Associate Professor
Inda Memic
Research Assistant


CIID will lead WP6 and provide co-design competencies to the project, involving internal and external stakeholders in participatory workshops to facilitate knowledge exchange. CIID will be instrumental in translation of empirical and theoretical frameworks into practical designs and tools for use by developer communities.

Annelie Berner
Principal Investigator
Raffaella Rovida
Research Manager


UU will lead WP3 – the major empirical research work package, and coordinate all the tasks involving collection and storage of digital information, providing a unified reference point to all other members. In addition, UU will be responsible for the network analysis tasks and involved in the collaborative analysis tasks together with all the other partners.

Matteo Magnani
Principal Investigator


POLITO will lead the WP5 on “Law & Policy” and spearhead the development of the new Privacy, Ethical and Social Impact Assessment framework. In addition, POLITO will lead the work package of the dissemination activities and exploitation of the project results, leveraging the experience of the Nexa Center for Internet and Society.

Alessando Mantelero
Principal Investigator
Francesco Ruggiero
Communication Manager
Pasquale Pellegrino
Dissemination Manager
Shaira Thobani
Post doc


LSE will take a significant role in the project, being involved in many work packages and leading WP2, the domain mapping. The expertise of the Department and the lead researcher in discourse analysis, governance and ethics and policy research will be drawn upon in the domain mapping, social network analysis, case study, modelling and co-design activities.

Alison Powell
Principal Investigator
Selena Nemorin
Post Doc
Sebastian Lehuede
PhD Candidate


ORG is a civil society organization based in London. ORG will leverages its expertise and advocacy on Open Data, Technology Policy, Privacy and Transparency and Internet Governance deploying a public interest approach and also contacts with other groups. It will further work closely with POLITO on the analysis of policies.

Javier Ruiz Diaz
Principal Investigator