Deliverables are built on work packages documenting the scientific progress and milestones of the project. In this section you will find all available deliverables of Virt-EU.

D1.1 Management and Quality Plan
The Detailed Management and Quality Plan will provide the blueprint for the project deliverables, milestones and impacts, assure communication among partners and work packages, and serve to best assure quality and the aims and objectives of the project. It has been approved by the consortium and ready to implement.

D7.1 Dissemination Plan
Initial Dissemination Plan approved by the consortium and ready to implement.

D1.5 Innovation and Open Access Management Plan
This plan will provide precise information on: (i) Terms of reference under the EC mandated DESCA group good practices for IPR (ii) Principles of open access and Creative Commons are followed wherever feasible.

D7.2 VIRT-EU gateway
VIRT-EU gateway (a dedicated section will serve as open-access data repository).

D1.6 Open Research Data Management Plan
This plan will appoint the project's data controller and provide precise information on: (i) A framework for resolving data protection issues that fall outside of current data protection laws; (ii) Physical and other measures for securing handling of the data collected; (iii) Principles of obtaining consent from research participants where necessary and requirements or handling of consent forms; (iv) Principles of provision of appropriate protection in the event that data from vulnerable groups or minors is accidentally tracked during online data collection phases; (v) Principles of open access and Creative Commons are followed wherever feasible; (vi) Procedures for participation in the Open Research Data Pilot.

D2.1 Blog posts and multi-media material summarizing preliminary empirical and policy findings
The results presented in this report will be used for dissemination to the IoT developers communities and to the wide public via blogs and other types of social media channels, as well as first low-fidelity, paper-based prototypes to facilitate the partnership dialogue and the first co-design workshops with IoT developers (WP3).

D2.2 Revised and extended summary of integrated qualitative and quantitative findings, legal analysis and plans for further research activities in WP3 and WP4
This report presents outcomes of the substantive research and interdisciplinary synthesis of findings produced as part of the work conducted for Work Package 2. The major goals of this work package were first, to develop methodological infrastructures and practices to support highly interdisciplinary work, and, second, to conduct an indepth domain analysis that will lay the groundwork for in-depth field engagements, theory development and tool prototyping planned for the next two years.

D4.1 First report - limits of GDPR and innovation Opportunities
This report summarises the main findings of Task 4.1 (M3-M12), which focuses on the approach adopted by the new General Data Protection Regulation1 and its adequacy in addressing the new challenges of big data, which represent the core of many IoT applications and related business models.